Danny's Home Page

Hello, welcome to my home page! The content on this web site should hint that I'm a little personally obsessed with computers, but I'm also interested in people: I'm fascinated about education and how to present programming as a human activity.

Although I'm no longer an undergrad at Berkeley, I still feel like a puny student. Perhaps this is because I had been working with the TAIR people on another campus across the bay. Ooops. I went to be a student again, and studied at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as part of the ALAS lab.

I'm currently working for a certain search company that likes large numbers.

I've done some work with teaching introductory CS, and helped tutor at Berkeley's Self Paced Center. I've been involved with Python. I twiddled with OCaml. My day job at Carnegie involved Java. I also did a lot of work with PLT Scheme / aka Racket.

Most of the content here was written when I was at Berkeley. Since then, I've been keeping more content at hashcollision.org. I'll try to consolidate this tangle all into one web site, eventually.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to dyoo@hashcollision.org. Thank you!