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[Note as of August 2001: I wrote this when I was a student. If you implant the past tense "was" in the appropriate sentences, things should make sense. *grin*

Hello! My name is Danny Yoo. I'm a senior at UC Berkeley, studying EECS. (This assumes that I haven't let this page get outdated too much.) I'm a klutz, and not particularly safe around things that conduct electricity. Practically speaking, I'm a Computer Science Major. *grin*

I'm also an alumni from Van Nuys High School. I'm not quite sure if I should say anything else; otherwise, this paragraph will sound like one long list of silly accomplishments. (That's what a resume is for.) What's most important to me about high school is that I met a lot of good friends, including Tina Young, Jerry Meng, Peter Ozdzynski, Gerald Lee, Andy Kim, Brad Herman, Kenneth Meng, Rajan Bhattacharyya, Belinda Chen, and many others. (I need to fix many of these links.). I graduated from VN in 1997.

I think I've found my calling as a computer language tutor. I'm a Python advocate, although I have no problem with Perl. I help tutor at Berkeley's Self Paced Center, as well as the Python tutor list. It's a lot of fun. I'm also a TA for CS3.

I idolize Donald Knuth, and have several of his books on my bulging bookshelf. I even visit Stanford sometimes (the horror! the horror!). I dabble a little in math. I like Harry Potter. I have an embarassingly old (and embarassing) home page here. Gosh, this feels like a confessional.

My email is

I'm playing around with some blogging software. Dunno if I'll have the time to maintain it, but I might as well keep a link to it just in case.

My previous email addresses have been:

and it's an odd feeling to see what's changed since then and now.

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