CS3 TA page

(Ah! The semester is over. I'll leave this page here for posterity.)

This page will contain some random stuff for Spring 2001's CS3 class.

Setting up simply-teachpack.scm

Tired of always manually loading berkeley.ss all the time? With simply-teachpack.scm, let DrScheme do it for you automatically. Here's the easy three-step method to install it.

Setting up graphics-teachpack.scm

Likewise, we've made a graphics teachpack available as well for people who want to do MacGambit-like graphics under Dr. Scheme. It's available right here: graphics-teachpack.scm, and follows the same installation procedure as simply-teachpack.

HTMLified stuff

I plan to convert the Labs and Homework assignments to HTML (since I don't have Windows installed.) Here they are:
hw1 lab1
hw2 lab2
(Hmmm... I got too lazy to continue converting these... *grin*)

Extra files to play around with

position.scm A file that provides the (position) function. Given an item in a sentence, returns the position of that item. It's the inverse of item

Discussion notes

Discussion notes on Week 3 in Adobe Acrobat.

2/7/2001:Extra set of recursion problems for those who've finished the homework already.

Sample Midterm

Here's a sample midterm, with answers. Both are in Adobe Acrobat format, but if you want it in another format, just email me, and I'll convert them.

Other handouts

Here are the "hard" problems we started giving out after the first midterm:
Valentine's Day Problem Number Guessing Game The Doublets Problem
More Recursion Problems Word Processing Problems
These are challenge exercises to show how bad things can get. *grin* These problems aren't in any particular order, although most of them require recursion in one form or another.

Email any questions to dyoo@hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu