(February 21, 2005) This page has been deprecated. I've adapted simply.scm into an add-on Language that works on modern versions of DrScheme. See the Simply Installing Simply Scheme page.

((September 2, 2002) I've just noticed that the teachpack no longer works on DrScheme versions after 1.03. I am trying to update the teachpack to make it compatible with new versions of DrScheme, but this may take some time as I stress test the darn thing.)

Three-step program to set up simply-teachpack.scm

Step One

First, download simply-teachpack.scm onto your computer by clicking this link: simply-teachpack.scm.

We'll be saving it in the C:\Program Files\PLT\ directory. This will let us find the file easily in the next step.

Step Two

After we've finished downloading simply-teachpack.scm, let's tell DrScheme to use it every time we start up. Start up DrScheme, and go to the Language/Add Teachpack menu.

You'll see a file dialog. Go to the directory where simply-teachpack.scm is saved, and open simply-teachpack.scm.

Step Three

Finally, restart DrScheme. If you see the line: "Teachpack: C:\Program Files\PLT\simply-teachpack.scm.", then everything should work ok. DrScheme will now automatically load Simply Scheme's definitions on startup.

That's it!