Computery things I'm trying to learn

This page is a rambling summary of what I'm looking at right now. This is more of a page of notes than anything else, so please forgive me if I start mumbling to myself... *grin*

Suffix Trees

(I've relocated this content to a separate SuffixTree page.)


(February 27, 2002) Zope is a system for managing collaborative web sites. I'm trying to use it with a ChalkBoard web site.

Information Extraction

(April 28, 2002) There's a great web site with lots of full-text papers at the NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library. Wow!

(Oct 23, 2002) There's also a nice archive of preprints at

Games! Games!

(June 2, 2002) I'm starting to read Elwyn Berlekamp's book on "Dots and Boxes". I'm starting to wish that I had taken a class from him when I was at Berkeley. *sigh* It looks like a fun game, and an even more interesting programming project!

Darn it, I'm also starting to get interested in Go. I'd better start learning pygame fast.


(August 31, 2002) I just saw an interesting link called Pascal's Constanza's Highly Opinionated Guide to Lisp. Looks like a fun afternoon read.

Tree Algorithms

(October 3, 2002) I just visited Ben Pfaff's page on GNU libavl, a library for balanced binary trees, and I'm darn impressed! *grin* Wow, I need some time to read through his book.

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Learning OCaml.

Trying to become a grad student

(Spring 2004) I want to be a grad student in computer languages. Now, how do I get there?

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