pyHnj --- Hyphenation for Python

Straight from the README:

pyHnj is an extension wrapper for the libhnj hyphenation library. This is a wrap-per around Raph Levien's lib-h-nj Hy-phen-ation li-brary. I thought it would be fun-ny to write a wrap-per around it, and by do-ing so give all Python users supreme pow-er to gra-tu-itous-ly hy-phen-ate whole para-graphs.

Using pyHnj is easy. Here is a sample session:

>>> import pyHnj
>>> h = pyHnj.Hyphen()
>>> h.hyphenate("hyphenation")
>>> h.hyphenate("supercalifragilisticexpialidocious")

Here's the link: pyHnj-0.6.tar.gz , and the RPMs: pyHnj-0.6-1.i686.rpm, pyHnj-0.6-1.src.rpm.

If you're going to compile pyHnj via tar.gz's, you'll need to use the Python Distutils.

Also, here's a link to the original libhnj library by Raph Levien.

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