#lang planet dyoo/whalesong (require (planet dyoo/whalesong/web-world) (planet dyoo/whalesong/resource)) (define-resource view.html) ;; The world is a string which represents the name of the user. ;; on-click: world view -> world ;; When the user clicks on the button, grab at the text of the ;; text-field. (define (on-click w button-view) (view-form-value (view-focus button-view "text-field"))) ;; draw: world view -> view ;; Take the view, and replace the template with the world value. (define (draw w dom) (update-view-text (view-focus dom "template") w)) (define my-view (view-bind (view-focus (->view view.html) "button") "click" on-click)) (big-bang "Jane Doe" (initial-view my-view) (to-draw draw))